The Initiative was never about the Eureka working alone. It seeks to uncover good ideas which can evolve into powerful community initiatives; each idea improving the quality of life and the quality of our community.

The Eureka Casino Resort is a family-owned casino resort located in Mesquite, Nevada. The Lee family, Eureka's owners, has been an active community partner in Mesquite since building the resort in the early 1990s. The Initiative seeks to honor the men and women and families of Mesquite as a show of gratitude for the support they have shown to the business and the resulting success.

Formed in 2012, the Eureka Community Initiative is a partnership between the Eureka Casino Resort and the local community of Mesquite. The Initiative grew from Community focus groups where residents and business people were challenged to answer the question of what specific characteristics and traits defined their community at its best. The answer to that question led to a series of initiatives all designed to contribute to the quality of life and quality of community in the region.

The Eureka Community Initiative has never been about working alone. Every project is formed with a joint task force of Eureka employees and community partners. The projects are introduced to the community with a kickoff event at Eureka. The Eureka challenges the community to raise a threshold amount of funds, often 40% and Eureka will make the project happen by contributing the balance.

One of the most successful projects of the Initiative is Mesquite Reads, an intensive summer school program for local elementary school students reading below grade average. In 2014, Principal Cathy Davis and teacher Lupe Guzman approached the Eureka with a proposal for the much needed summer program, which unfortunately, the school did not have the funds for. The cost of the program was $43,000. With a promise of dollar for dollar matching funds from the Eureka, the program was introduced to the community. Mesquite residents came forward with a series of fundraising events.

The Initiative also seeks to channel the ideas of local residents and businesses to create and implement destination events to bring new and repeat visitors to experience the beauty and hospitality of our resort community. The first of these ideas implemented was  held over a four day period in February 2013; the Mesquite Off-Road Weekend where over 5,000 visitors watched the stunt team, Nitro Circus, perform ”Beyond Pro” Endro-X races.

Eureka Community Initiative


For more information on the Eureka Community Initiative, please contact Gerri Chasko at 702-345-4726 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.